FreeDraw3D Pen

Imagine a 3D printer you hold in the palm of your hand. Imagine you have the ability to draw whatever your heart desires in 3D.

Check out the FreeDraw3D Pen and begin your artistic adventure. Create plastic 3D models just by drawing. No computer required.

What is a 3D Pen?

What is a 3D Pen?

A 3D pen works by rapidly heating and cooling plastic filament (our ink).

As you draw, soft plastic extrudes from the tip, quickly hardening to create a durable 3D drawing.

For Artists

For Artists

Take your art into 3D!

No more boring drawings that just sit on the page, create durable 3D creations and models to really bring your artwork to life.

Accessorize anything: Phone cases, school supplies.

Create custom accessories, earrings, hair pieces, etc.

Your only limit is your imagination.

For Gadget Lovers

For Gadget Lovers

Need a pen holder? Draw it.

Use the latest technology to create functional items in your home.

Create one of a kind household accessories, only limited by your creativity.

For Parents

For Parents

Nurture and expand your child's creative talents. With a 3D pen, your kids can draw, create, and imagine. 3D pens provide a cost effective alternative to staring at a screen, with the added benefit of creative development.

A 3D pen will allow your child to develop better spacial awareness and improve their problem solving skills.

Kids absolutely love it, they can draw their favorite characters, create one-of-a-kind gifts for loved ones, the possibilities are endless.

Direct adult supervision recommended

FreeDraw3D Features

  • Brilliant OLED Display

    Use the brilliant 2 line OLED display to see current temperature information to 1° C accuracy.

    View and adjust speed, temperature, and filament type settings.

  • Fine-Tuned Temperature Control

    Set exact temperature digitally, down to 1° C accuracy.

    No more guessing and adjusting. Supports 140-230° C.

  • 6 Digitally Controlled Speeds

    Set your perfect speed.

    Go slow for fine details and speed up for larger elements or feeding.

  • Fast Heating

    Heats to 170 degrees C in only 32 seconds.

  • PLA and ABS Support

    Supports both industry standards, PLA and ABS in standard 1.75mm. Refills are simple.

  • Low-Cost Refills

    No more expensive proprietary refills.

    FreeDraw3D supports feeding from generic rolls of 3D printing filament.

    Refills available anywhere 3D printing supplies are sold.

  • Hand Contoured Design

    Our special hand contoured design makes the pen comfortable.

    Allows you to have precise drawing control with almost no hand strain.

  • Ultra Lightweight

    At under 2oz, the FreeDraw3D is super-light, allowing for more natural drawing.

  • Anti-Clog Technology

    FreeDraw3D features a ceramic heating nozzle and is easy to disassemble.

Environmentally Sustainable

Only 24W, and PLA plastic is biodegradable and created from renewable resources, typically as corn starch, tapioca roots or starch, or sugarcane.

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Large OLED Screen


6 Speed Controls

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Standard 1.75mm Plastic Refill


Contoured to Hand Shape

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Advanced Temperature Controls

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